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My Two Cents

My Two Cents

January 5, 2013
Sorry to see Lindpere go, but does Red Bulls management have any sort of game plan?

Donovan Hall is a Red Bulls fan

By Donovan Hall
Special to

Ever since Joel Lindpere arrived at New York, I've enjoyed watching him play. Especially in the 2011 season he just seemed to work so hard.

He was tenacious, always seemed to be coming up with the ball and making something happen. I was surprised when Lindpere fell off the "sure starter" list this last year. I'm sure there were reasons for using him in the subsitute's role. I was always glad to see him come onto the field and appreciated what he brought to the team's play. I'll be sorry to see him go.

I do find it peculiar that all these changes to the roster are being made without a coach in place. The impression I get is that the new management is cleaning house without any clear idea of what sort of team it wants to field.

I mean, are they going to get players that will actually work in the new coach's system? Obviously, I have no clue what's going on behind closed doors, but from the outside it appears haphazard and doesn't inspire any confidence in the new leadership.

With this team, I get the impression that they keep making changes, but it's not obvious they are building anything.

It's like watching a small child play with blocks. But who is content with just moving them around rather than stacking them and actually making something?

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