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January 22 2013
Report: Sousa turns down Red Bulls

Will the Red Bulls find a head coach before their season kicks off?

Their endless search for a coach continued on Tuesday when the website of O Jogo reported that Paulo Sousa had rejected the Major League Soccer club.

The former Portuguese international became the second high-profile European to turn down the Red Bulls as former Scottish international Gary McAllister reportedly was in the pole position, but wanted too much money.

The headline of the O Jogo website reads:

Paulo Sousa no longer goes to the U.S.

O Jogo reported that Sousa had turned down the offer to coach the Red Bulls and that he will "no longer head to the U.S."

According to the O Jogo website, Sousa "was chosen by the New York Red Buls, but did not see the conditions imposed for the project." The website also said that Sousa "got no harmony" for the project what the president and CFO "would be willing to guarantee."

Sousa had left Videoton in Hungary with the intent of signing with the Red Bulls, but could not come to a deal with the club.

While the Red Bulls continue to search for a top man, assistant coach Mike Petke will continue to be the club's interim head coach as the team started its first day of training in Bradenton, Fla. on Tuesday.

During a conference call on Monday, Red Bulls sporting director Andy Roxburgh asked the fans and media to be patient with the team.

"We thank you for your patience, the fans' patience," Roxburgh said. "We don't want to rush to judgment here. There won't be an announcement soon about it. But we have a great backroom staff here. We reorganized it and we're ready to roll.

"We just need to be patient a little bit longer. We need somebody who is available. Secondly, we want someone who is appropriate, appropriate for this context here for this club. We're trying desperately to make sure in the environment that we create is a positive one and that can give us the best chance of being successful next year."

Roxburgh admitted it was a different and more difficult process to find a coach for a U.S. club team than in Europe.

"Clearly, if you're working in Europe, it's kind of straight forward," he said. "Ok, you take [him] to France, can you speak French? But the difference in this case, knowing the MLS or is it somebody -- again I use the word appropriate -- to be able to adapt quickly."

"If you are simply sitting in London and trying to pick a coach from the UK, clearly that is easier. Here, you've got to consider things like visas, you've got to consider family getting moved. You've got to consider culture, language. there are all sorts of elements in it. Yes, it has been a very interesting process."
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