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February 11, 2013
It has been one crazy ride for former Red Bull Home Grown signing Sacir Hot

Sacir Hot is playing for KSV Hessen Kassel in Germany.
Sacir Hot is playing for KSV Hessen Kassel in Germany.
Linda Cuttone/Sports Vue Images
Former Red Bulls defender Sacir Hot starts a blog talking about his career and his new club in Germany. The one-time home grown player will talk about his experiences in this and future entries.

By Sacir Hot
Special to

Since leaving the Red Bulls this time last year, my short professional career has been a roller coaster of emotions. Iíve been all the way at the bottom of this ride, contemplating never playing soccer anymore to the highs of getting back on track with a professional team in Germany. Many people out there donít know the journey a pro soccer player takes to make it to the top and I hope my first blog entry for will show you just what this ride is like.

It has been crazy for this Jersey boy.

The day I got cut from the Red Bulls was one of the worst days of my life. It hurt so bad because I had been with the club for almost seven years and never thought I would be leaving the club in my career. I had told the top guys in a post-season one-on-one meeting that if I got paid a decent salary I would stay there my whole career. So after I got cut my heart was torn almost like breaking up with a girlfriend of many years. I eventually gathered myself together and tried to restart my career but it wasnít simple Ė it wasnít easy.

I had impressed the coaching staffs at the adidas Generation camp in Amsterdam who were also the coaches of Sporting Kansas City. They had heard about my situation in New York so they invited me to the last week of pre-season with them. One thing led to another and I wonít go into detail about that out of respect for KC and myself but I came back home without a contract. I have the most respect for that team and its coaching staff and it is a shame I didnít take advantage of that situation. Trust me I kick myself about it all the time. So I came home and tried to figure something else out.

Sometimes as an athlete you have to be not only physically strong but emotionally as well. I had to rely on my inner strength to help me through this time.

I have a good friend in Germany who had set me up with a trial/training that summer with Young Boys Bern in Switzerland. After a month and a half I impressed the coaching staff but because of their full roster they were looking to sign and loan me out right away. Thatís were it got tricky. Teams were about to start their season and with my resume it was hard to get a respectable club to take me on loan immediately. So Young Boys Bern tried there hardest but in the end the deal collapsed. Remember what I said about emotional strength? Um, yeah.

So after failing to get two contracts I headed for the Montenegro shore where you can find the most beautiful women in the world (highly recommended for single dudes). There I was supposed to be relaxing and enjoying life but I couldnít. Not landing two contracts was running through my mind constantly.

It seemed like everything was working against me. I went from playing with Thierry Henry to without a club for seven months. At that point I was thinking of finding a new career, since I always had a passion of having my own sports bar and I thought maybe I should pursue that. But when things seem to hit rock bottom I got a lifeline.

Young Boys Bern had reached out to KSV Hessen Kassel and told them about me since they were in need for a center back. In September I flew out from the beaches of Montenegro to Kassel, Germany to get a contract. I knew that this was my last chance if I ever wanted to make it big time so I played like an animal. They really liked me and they wanted to sign me but than again I ran into troubles. The club had financial problems and asked me if I could stick around until the January transfer window to sign me and so I did. After all, I signed with KSV Hessen Kassel and am happy with the situation here.

So for sure I can say that the last year has been a rollercoaster for my career. Going from playing with world-class players to being out of work to signing to a respectable club in Germany. All in all, to make it to the top itís not easy and true character is shown when things seem to be the worst.

Itís easy to give up when things are hard but when you love something so much you fight for it. So now Iím playing in Germany and hoping to fulfill my dreams of being a respectable soccer player. And from here on Iíll keep you updated on how it goes so keep checking into for more updates!

And feel free to follow me on Twitter for updates on my journey @SacirHot
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